Albury to Chilworth Gunpowder Works -= 3rd September 2018

We all met at the Albury Sports Ground at 10:30.

It was a generally easy walk across gently undulating countryside, but with one short ascent (a bit steep).


We passed through Albury and then followed the picturesque Tilling Bourne valley.


We passed the lakes and restored Albury Mill.


We crossed fields to reach the Chilworth Gunpowder Mill. Guildford Borough Council have created a park featuring the remains of the Middle Mill, and at the same time creating a conservation area.



We stopped at the picnic site taking a break.


The overall site dates from the early 17th century, being established by the East India Company as a market for Saltpetre which it shipped from India, for the production of Gunpowder (used in the Civil War). Peak production was from 1880 onward, particularly in the first world war. All production ceased in 1920.

We returned across fields from which we will have a constant view of the North Downs, passing a Farrier shoeing a horse.



We adjourned to a local pub in Shere for refreshments and lunch.
A great day organised by Malcolm.

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