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Member’s Lunches are held at Banstead Downs Golf Club (except May & December) from 12 noon.



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Our Two Ladies Lunches are held at the Kingswood Golf & Country Club, Kingswood on the first Wednesdays in May & December. 


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Details of forthcoming speakers are listed below. Information on previous speakers can be found under Member’s lunches on the Recent Activities page.



Wednesday 4th December 2019 – Ladies Luncheon at Kingswood Golf & Country Club, Sandy Lane, Kingswood, Tadworth KT20 6NE.

The Meal which is open to Members and Guests will be a 5 course carvery and will be held in the dining room commencing at 12.30pm. Cost £30 per head, booking is essential.

Members and guests will be seated in accordance with their wishes where possible on round tables with a maximum of 10 people. Gentlemen are asked to wear jackets and bow ties.

Booking form available from the Lunches Secretary through

Musical Entertainment by the Heart and Soul Choir, Epsom.


Next meeting:-

Wednesday 8th January 2020 – Can’t Pay Won’t Pay by Peter Bates


Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay – the spicy one ! Based on Peter’s several years’ experience as Customer Service Manager with responsibility for debt collection including meter fiddling within an Electricity Supply Company in South East England ( Seeboard ).

Wednesday 5th February 2020 – A Conspiracy History of the World by Andy Thomas.

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories and what is the real evidence to support them?Andy uncovers a compelling alternative history told by those who question the establishment view.

Finding repeating patterns of intrigue from the Roman Empire, the Gunpowder Plot,and the World Wars to JFK, Watergate, the NASA missions, Princess Diana, the New World Order,and other ongoing controversies in a mesmerising and ey -opening journey.

Andy Thomas is one of Britain’s most experienced presenters and authors on unexplained mysteries, intrigues and the paranormal and a passionate speaker on the history of English traditions.

For over 25 years Andy has investigated many enduring areas of fascination including crop circles,  UFOs, ghosts, ancient enigmas and classic conspiracy theories as well as uncovering the background to some famous English folklore rituals. He is renowned for his thought provoking and entertaining lectures and speaks prolifically across Britain and many other countries. 

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Annual General Meeting. – No speaker

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