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We normally meet for lunch on the first Wednesday in each month (July it’s the second Wednesday). 10 Meetings are held at Banstead Downs Golf Club whilst in May & December we invite our partners and friends to join us at Kingswood Golf and Country Club.

Next Meeting:

June 1st 2022

Speaker Peter Thompson – “Miscarriage of Justice”


Serrano ham and melon


Filet of Seabass in potato crust with time sauce


Vanilla cheese with raspberry coulis

Please confirm your attendance by Sunday 29th May to to secure your place also to notify any special dietary requirements.


Banstead Downs Golf Club



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Details of forthcoming meetings and speakers at Banstead are listed below. Information on previous speakers can be found under Member’s lunches on the Recent Activities page.


July 6th 2022                  

Speaker Simon Ritchie – “Alan Turing & the Enigma Machine”

August 3rd 2022             

Speaker Andrew Warde – “The Palace of Westminster”

September 7th 2022       

Speaker Trevor Noble – “Fracking: Shale Gas”

October 5th 2022            

Speaker Martin Thomas – “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash”

November 2nd 2022        

Speaker Julian Worricker – “Surviving the BBC for 30+ Years”

December 7th 2022         Ladies Lunch 

Speaker Andy Thomas – “Christmas-a Festive History”

January 4th  2023          

Speaker Colin Turner – “Light and Dark-a Life in Crime”

February 1st 2023           

Speaker Paul Whittle – “River Kwai Railway-the True Story”

March 1st 2023               

AGM No Speaker



Kingswood Golf & Country Club

Dining Room

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