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Member’s Lunches are held at Banstead Downs Golf Club from 12 noon.



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The Two Ladies Lunches are held at the Kingswood Golf Club, Kingswood on the first Wednesday in May and December. 

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Details of forthcoming speakers are listed below. Information on previous speakers can be found under Member’s lunches on the Recent Activities page.




6th March 2019           Annual General Meeting – No Speaker

The list of proposed candidates is below.

AGM Names V2(2)

If Members wish to nominate other candidates, an email should be sent to the club secretary with details of the Office, the candidates name with the proposer and seconder at


Wednesday 1st May 2019 – Ladies Lunch at Kingswood Golf Club. Bar opens at 11.45am for 12.30pm lunch.

5th June 2019 – Stephen Robson – The Battle of Britain

After completing an engineering apprenticeship Stephen Robson joined the RAF in 1969 and left in 1988. Since then he has worked for British Aerospace at Kingston, followed by over five years in a construction consultancy. A return to aviation was in the monitoring of jet engines for the BAe146 / Avro RJ regional jets and business jets. He is active in aviation related organisations and Chairman of the Registered Charity, Charles Rolls Memorial Trust, which promotes the role of Charles Rolls, Britain’s first International Aviation Meeting and the proposed heritage patio.

The talk covers the aviation scene from 1909 until 1939; the emergence of the Royal Air Force when politics and economies had reduced our military to dangerously low levels and how a wealthy lady financed the Rolls-Royce engine that led to the Merlin used in the Spitfire and Hurricane. While Britain slumbered, the rise of the Luftwaffe and Nazi Germany reached a critical stage in 1935. The talk explains how Britain was able to prevent Nazi Germany from gaining the air supremacy required for the success of Operation Sea Lion – the proposed invasion of Britain.

Wednesday 10th July 2019  – Brian Aldred – Underground London

An expose of what lies beneath our feet in the Capital.

Wednesday 7th August 2019 – Douglas Eaton – Madcap Ideas and Quirky Inventions












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