Club Structure

This page identifies the Roles and Responsibilities in the Club and the Team Members involved.

The Committee Members are highlighted in bold.

The Structure of the Club is outlined below with key Roles and Responsibilities.

The President shall be responsible for:

  • Chairing Committee Meetings and Lunches;
  • Ensuring the Responsibilities of the Committee support the Probus activities;
  • Providing a focus for the Wellbeing of Club Members;
  • Overseeing selection of the Probus charity;
  • Communications with the Borough;
  • Contact with other Probus Clubs.

In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall be responsible for the Meetings.

There shall be 4 main groups that direct the activities of the club with the following responsibilities:

  1. Treasurer:
    • Financial Management of Monthly Revenues and Expenditures;
    • Updating Members Details and Fees paid;
    • Raffles;
    • Payments to Creditors with two signatures for cheques from Officers of the Club;
    • Presenting the Accounts to the Auditor.
  2. Secretary:
    • Sending Club related Emails and letters to Members;
    • Producing and Sending Meeting Notifications, Agendas and Notes Arising;
    • Updating Members on the Welfare of Absentee Members;
    • Reminding Members of their Roles in welcoming new Members;
    • Providing Ad Hoc Technical Support to Members;
    • Managing and Updating the Probus Website including new data, archived data.
  3. Social Secretary:
    • Planning of and Arranging Future Events, Visits and Website Reports;
    • Planning of and Arranging Lunchtime Get Togethers;
    • Planning of and Arranging the Annual Quiz Evenings.
  4. Lunches Secretary: All arrangements and Liaison at the selected locations for:
    • Wednesday Lunches and Ladies Lunches;
    • Arranging the Top Table Rotas;
    • Arranging the Schedule of Speakers at 9 Wednesday Lunches pa;
    • Arranging Payments to Speakers, Website Reports and Votes of Thanks;
    • Assessing the Standards of Meals and Charges;
    • Identifying Alternative Locations with Criteria, as required.

The President, Vice President and Immediate Past President shall be responsible for one of these teams or a Sub Activity within a team.

Interest Groups

These shall be Non-Committee Activities groups that meet from time to time depending on the support from Members e.g. Hiking, etc. Their General Activities shall be:

  • Identifying and Planning Events
  • Issuing Calling Notices via the Website
  • Contacting Attendees with any Charges and Meeting Locations.

Elected Committee for 2021/2022

President: Bob Francis
Vice President: Ron Ribolla
Immediate Past President: Roger Ranson
Treasurer: Tony Field
Secretary: Jim King
Lunch Secretary: Pat Hunt
Social Secretary: Roger Ranson
Speakers Secretary: Ron Ribolla
Welfare Secretary: Ken Amess
Website: Peter Osborne

Other Responsibilities

Independent Examiner of Accounts: Richard Somers
Raffles: Joe Shackell
Social Events: Roger Ranson (Chair), Ken Amess,  John Curtis, Tony Field, Richard Somers, Peter Osborne
Walking/Hiking: Peter Osborne
Website: Pat Hunt

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