About Us

What is Probus?
The Probus Club of Ewell is an autonomous Club for retired or semi-retired professional and businessmen, normally aged 60 and over.

Probus’ Mission is to promote the Wellbeing of its Members through: 

  • Fellowship, Socialising and Sharing Interests
  • Involvement in External Activities and Entertainment Events
  • Being in their Comfort Zone and generally Happy and Healthy

The focus is on the strengths, which are consistent with Wellbeing:

  • Meeting at the Wednesday Lunches
  • Visits to Places, Theatres, Lunchtime Get-Togethers, Walks
  • Involvement in Groups of Mutual Interest

Upon request, the Club issues paper documents to those who have no email

The Chosen Charity for 2021/22 is the Sunnybank Trust.

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