Poisonous Plots in Fact and Fiction

It was a fascinating talk by Sheila Willis that provided an insight into devious and deadly deeds.
The Sumerians in 2500 BC worshipped a goddess of poisons and we were told that they obviously knew a thing or two as throughout history there has been more women than men that have used poison in mass or serial killings. So for a lot of women murderers the weapon of choice is poison!
We then proceeded to learn about Locusta who was probably the first recorded serial killer. Yes, a woman, who opened schools for people to learn how best to poison other people. She had a hand in getting rid of Claudius, Emperor of Rome in 41AD and his son Brittanicus a few years later.
Our journey with poisons touched on the early police force, past murders using poison where it was all about claiming insurance money, poisonous plots involving love and treachery and spies, from strychnine in the chocolates to arsenic in the mint humbugs. The subject material was vast and very entertaining with pictures and music.
We were so pleased that mushrooms were not on the menu that day!!

17AUGPPS01  Locusta

17AUGPPS02  Arsenic. Known in France as ‘ The Inheritance Powder!’

17AUGPPS02 (2)   Belladona 3 bright shiny berries may kill a child


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