Peaslake Walk on 27 July 2017

16 members and wives turned out for our walk around Peaslake, the best attendance this year. Perhaps the relatively fine weather-at least it was dry-encouraged more members to put their boots on.


IMG_0009  IMG_0003

Everyone I spoke to commented on the views as we progressed, and as the cloud was high we had a constant view of the North Downs. The paths were in good condition, the recent rains have not created much mud and it helps that the terrain is sandy in nature and tends to drain well.

IMG_0006  IMG_0008

IMG_0002  IMG_0011

There were a few stiles which all those with two legs negotiated with ease, however there was one which our four-legged member, Kato, found difficult to get through and required the help of four members in order to cross. We stopped to admire the riverside garden at Lawbrook house, very well tended with a large pond, complete with duck-house, presumably not funded by MP`s expenses!

IMG_0012  IMG_0019

On our return to Peaslake, we found the public footpath blocked by some temporary fencing which will be reported to the County Rights of Way officer. However, by that time, most people were looking forward to lunch, so we continued along the lane, back to the village and the Hurtwood Hotel for a good snack.

We are always happy to see new walkers, so if any of you feel like a bit of exercise do join us on our next trip-watch this site for details.



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