Member’s Lunch Meeting – Wednesday 6th November 2019

The most popular indoor activity ( Crosswords) by Tim Moorey

Tim explained that originally he was an accountant for the oil company, British Petroleum. When he became redundant he needed a second career. He always had a type of mind that was quick with words and loved anagrams. Thus his second career was born. Tim gave us many examples of clues and how to solve them, tinged with interest and humour. He stated that anyone can solve those cryptic clues you thought you’d never crack and learn the tricks of the crossword setter’s trade.

Tim therefore eventually became a professional crossword setter and has had many years’ experience of adult teaching. He sets puzzles for a wide range of publications, including The Sunday TimesThe WeekMoneyWeekThe Sunday TelegraphThe Times (Listener), and International Living magazine

He is a Consultant for Chambers Dictionaries and is the Cluru (Agony Uncle) for the Crossword Club.

Members wishing to explore more of this subject are referred to Tim’s web site –

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