Member’s Lunch Meeting on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Noel Coward meeting the Press in Australia. A reporter called out, “Mr Coward, would you like to say something to the Evening Star?”

Noel Coward said: “Twinkle, twinkle.”

In weekly repertory, after very little rehearsal, an actor playing the policeman in an Agatha Christie proclaimed on stage, “This is Marple, miss murder.”

Notice in a village hall kitchen: “Will Women’s Institute ladies kindly rinse out the teapot and then stand upside down on the draining board.”

In a play a doctor was examining a patient. Doctor said to the patient that there was nothing more he could do for him. . A member of the audience shouted out “ Well you could give him an enema.” 

The Actor playing the doctor whet to the front of the stage and said “ I don’t think that would do any good.” The heckler retorted  “ Well you could give it a try” !

The above quips  are a small example from an amusing talk given by Jonathan Fryer on the humourous side of being an actor.

Although now working exclusively as a humorous raconteur Jonathan started his solo entertaining over 30 years ago, while continuing to act in theatre and TV. Amongst others he worked with June Whitfield, Patricia Routledge, Ken Dodd, Donald Sinden and Jimmy Edwards. 

He told of the times things go wrong on stage and recalled some very funny comments from audiences. He reminds us of the joy of listening to The Glums, Rob Wilton, Old Mother Riley and Round the Horne. He also touched on the use of humour in advertising. 

There was  some delightful  recollections of great comedic moments in cinema; also wit from Judi Dench, Noel Coward, Mikhail Gorbachev(!) and a hungover thespian. 


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