Quiz Evening At Stoneleigh on Friday 16 November 2018

The Quiz was held on Friday 16 November at St. John’s Church Hall, Stoneleigh.
There were 68 participants and the 8 sets of questions were in 2 halves, interrupted by a fish and chip supper washed down with wine and soft drinks brought by the participants.
There were 8 teams full of knowledgeable experts, some of whom knew the correct answers afterwards! I told you to write down my answer!
The Question Master was our own Bill White and the organisers were Richard and Tony.
This year, in addition to the Main Quiz, there was a Picture Quiz organised by Richard and Marion, which consisted of putting names to 20 celebrities taken at various ages during their careers.

The results of the Quiz were as follows:
1st White Winters, by one point, Gloria White, her friends and Francis
2nd Cheam Chappies, from Probus Cheam and the Dave Rich family
3rd The Scramblers
4th Kato Gang
=4th The Merlots
6th The Cosmopolitans
=6th The Marigolds
8th The Ewell Jewels winning the booby prize

The evening’s entertainment was both a Great success and most enjoyable, according to the views expressed by participants afterwards.

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