Quiz Evening

The Quiz was held at St John’s Hall in Stoneleigh.
The attendance was high, possibly because there was a fish and chip supper along with the usual condiments arranged by Ken Amess. There were teams from 3 Probuses, Surbiton, Sutton and Ewell, The Question Master was Bill White who kept the grey matter working over 7 rounds and the score per team was kept by Tony Field. The MC was Roger Ranson who kept the gathering busy with his questions during the break.
As usual is Enfield an underground station, did you get a white feather when wearing a uniform, did orange carrots originate in Holland and many more to test the accuracy of the memory.
The winning team was the Kato Gang and the wooden spoon went to the Slops.
The teams were:

Teams and Members
Kato Gang: Carol&Peter Osborne; Leslie&Ken Richardson; Barbara&David Wood
Surbiton Team: Surbiton Probus – Colin Palmer; +5
Brians Barnstormers: Sutton Probus – Chris Stephens; +7
Surrey Cads: Bill White’s Friends (5); Frances&Roger Ranson
Sessame Grinders: Margaret&Ken Amess +6
Pickled Walnuts: Marion&Richard Somers; David Reeve; Lynne Philpott; Margaret&Jim King; Beverley&Peter Smith
After Thoughts: Sybil&Norman Hale; Wendy&David Hill; Pam& Tony Affleck; Sue&Malcolm Davis
Slops: Ellie&Dave Short; Angela& Brian Sargent; Rosalie&Gordon Jackson; Pam&Brian Renwick

There were 7 rounds of questions covering:

History; General Knowledge; Music; Food; Sport; Economy; Fun Xmas.

The results were as follows:

Kato Gang with 51Points
Surbiton Team with 50 Points
Brians Barnstormers with 49 Points
Surrey Cads with 49 Points
Sessame Grinders with 48 Points
Pickled Walnuts with 46 Points
After Thoughts with 46 Points
Slops with 42 Points





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