Quiz Evening at Bourne Hall

There were 60 participants in the annual Quiz Evening which was held at Bourne Hall in Ewell.
The Quiz Master was Bill White who posed 10 questions in each of the 7 rounds, with a break for supper between rounds 4 and 5.

16NOVQZE01Bill White preparing for the Quiz

The 8 teams were made up of the following:
Sutton Casuals – Sutton Probus’s 8*Guests
The Geysers – Carol & Peter Osborne, Leslie & Dave Stevens, Ken&Leslie Richardson
The Cosmopolitans – Malcolm & Sue Davis, Tony&Pam Affleck, Norman&Sybil Hale, David&Wendy Hill
The Badgers – Margaret Amess Margaret Ball, Shirley Tracey, Anne Mills, Sandra & Fred Finch, Bernard&Gill Reeves
Lakehurst Courtiers – Bill White’s 6*Guests
Odd Couples – David & Ellie Short, David Wood + Guest,
Magnificent 8 – Deric Tonge + 7*Guests
Could Do Better – David Reeve, Mrs Lynn Phillpott, Mrs Marion Summers, 5*Guests
After the brain challenging rounds, the results were as follows. Congratulations to David Reeve and his team; they could not have done any better!
Could Do Better with 51 points
The Geysers with 46 points
Sutton Casuals with 43 points
The Cosmopolitans with 41 points
Magnificent 8 with 41 points
The Badgers with 41 points
Lakehurst Courtiers with 37 points
Odd Couples with 33 points


16NOVQZE03The “Could Do Better Team”

16NOVQZE02The “Odd Couples Team”

There were separate spot prizes for the ladies and men between rounds.
Our thanks to the Bourne Hall Staff and Caterers who arranged the Quiz Rooms, Bar and Supper.


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